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Finding The College That’s Right For You

Looking for a college that is best for you?  Well, I did some research and here is what I came up with.


There are many colleges, how do you possibly make the right decision?  Start by asking yourself these questions;

  • Where would you like to attend?
  • Do you want a long commute?
  • Do you want a big or small school?
  • Large class rooms or smaller ones?
  • What program/course do you want to enroll in?
  • How are you going to get funding?


Do some research on the different schools in your area, are there any that specialize in your career choice, maybe one that has had a lot of success with graduates in your chosen field.  Read reviews, there are a lot of review sites.  What are students saying about the different colleges in your area?  More specifically, are there many with students who are currently enrolled in the course you are looking into?  What are they saying?  What about the history of the different colleges and what about the success in students achieving their goals that is similar to yours?

Also, go to college fairs in your area.  They can be very informative and give you the chance to directly interact with professors, students and so on with the different colleges in your area.

Another way to find out more about the different colleges in your area is to set up interviews with the counselors/intake workers from those colleges.  Make sure to make a list of questions you have and bring it to your interview and bring it to the college fairs you attend.  Make sure you write down everything.  Be organized.   Highlight what stood out most about each school, write down pro’s and con’s.  Collect all of the information available from each school.

Don’t forget to find out all you can about funding available for each program and how you will plan it all out.

I’ve found some links that maybe helpful.

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What to Wear to a Job Interview

Having trouble deciding what to wear to an interview? It can be simple! Here are some helpful tips on choosing the right clothes to make an impression.

  1. Don’t just look the part. While many modern offices don’t enforce a dress code- especially within the technology industry- that doesn’t mean that you should wear a t-shirt and jeans to the interview. It never hurts to be overdressed compared to the employees when you show up for an interview. Keep in mind, they DO know that you’re here for a job interview and would be expecting applicants to have shown up wearing appropriate clothing.
  2. Know your audience. If it’s fairly likely that a company enforces a strong dress code, then follow suit. You don’t need to overdress but if staff members are almost certainly wearing a suit and tie then you should do the same.
  3. Know the environment. If your interview is for a surf instructor on a beach, you should probably show up in something fairly non-formal. Any interview within an office and you should dress at least business casual or semi-formal but for any jobs that fall outside of an office environment, try to match your surroundings.

When in doubt- feel free to simply pass along an email to your recruiter and ask them what the office dress code is. It never hurts to ask!