Career Management Tools

Looking for career and college information and services in Vancouver?

Use any of our helpful career management tools and services below to assist you on your career path. Career Advice provides up to date helpful advice on specific industries, while Career Planner takes your actual career information and helps find logical next steps for you. If you already know what you want to do, but need help with getting yourself in the door, use our Resume Builder to summarize your skills and experiences in the right words!

Career Advice

Stuck in a career rut? Looking for more job information? Use our knowledge and land your dream job! Our goal is to provide relevant and useful job information as well as career advice to current professionals, job seekers or┬áthose who are unsure what to do next in their job or career search. Daily career articles …

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Career Planner

Trying to plan your career path? Planning for the future? Use our Career Planner as a career guide in your job hunt. Often, the hardest part is deciding what’s next. Career Planner provides assistance with your career mapping. We can help you decide the right move to make. What Do I Do? In order to …

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Resume Builder

Trying to build the perfect resume? Let us help with our resume tips and advice! Use our Resume Templates page in our Career Resources section to get an idea of what you want your resume to look like. Then watch our Resume Creator slideshow below to guide you in the creation of your resume. Make …

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