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Career Planner

Trying to plan your career path? Planning for the future? Use our Career Planner as a career guide in your job hunt.

Often, the hardest part is deciding what’s next. Career Planner provides assistance with your career mapping. We can help you decide the right move to make.

What Do I Do?

  • In order to properly plan your career you first should identify the fields or industries that you are interested in working within. You may already be in this profession which makes this step easy!
  • Write down your current role and then write the role you had before (if any) and the next logical role you would hope to achieve after. For those looking to move within an organization that you already work for, you should use the actual logical next successive role.
  • Find job descriptions and qualifications guidelines for your current role and the next role. By having a visual of what you should already be doing and have achieved and what you would need to be doing and achieve you can start to determine your steps towards moving forward.
  • Determine the gaps. Find out what you are missing that may hold you back from moving forward on your career plan. This may be education, experience, technical skills, soft skills, or lack of opportunity within a specific organization. If you feel there is a lack of opportunity, then determine why (ie. is that not something your company has employees in, do you feel like management doesn’t think highly of you).
  • Fill the gaps. At this point you know where you are and where you hope to be. You have a list in front of you of things you need to do in order to get there. Now it’s up to you to go out and ensure you’re the best applicant for the job.